Summer / Vacation Rentals 

Summer Rentals:

 Move in/move out must be on Monday-Friday

 $1,000.00 flat fee for the summer season June 15 – Sept 15

 (Owner must sign contract by June 1st)


$200.00 per week rented

(Owners must give management 3 weeks notice)

What is included in the property management service?

1.24 hour on call service for the tenants or owners for any issues at the property

2.Provide property information binder

3.Weekly property inspections each move out day with e-mailed reports to the owners before the new tenants arrive and after the previous leave.

4.Use of an emergency lock box, located on the property containing keys to property in case of tenant lock out or property management issues.

5.Hiring and scheduling of a weekly cleaning service to complete cleaning after each tenant leaves the property.

 (Owners are responsible for payment of actual cleaning cost)

In addition to its standard service, Bay State can arrange for the following services through its affiliated partners (additional fees may apply):

*Real estate leasing, leasing issues & deposit issues

*Rental or fee collection

 *Weekly key change overs or key hand offs.

 *Reimbursement to owner of any tenant damages

 *Collection of any type for damages or un-paid fees

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