Based in Quincy, MA, Baystate Property Management, LLC offers comprehensive property management and accounting, brokerage, development and affordable housing compliance to residential and commercial properties throughout Massachusetts.

Baystate’s senior team is comprised of highly credentialled real estate professionals working in a collaborative environment for the benefit of our clients. Baystate Property Management, LLC is the product of fifteen years of collective experience in property management and condominium law.

Kevin Trainor

Kevin Trainor

For more than ten years, Kevin has been active in the property management industry. Kevin brings a solid quantitative and operations skills to Bay State. His accounting and finance background is integral to oversight of balanced budgets and the financial well-being of condominium associations in his portfolio. In addition, Kevin’s experience in construction management and building maintenance are instrumental to vitality and long term sustainability of his client properties. Kevin’s previous service as a board member to a condominium association in Quincy affords him a depth of understanding related to condominium ownership and management. Kevin holds a B.A. from Stonehill College               

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